April 10-14

This week in math we are talking about customary measurement. We will be learning how to convert between the different measurements by using t-charts and memorizing strategies like the Gallon story. This is our last week of Journeys reading. We are getting ready for our end of year testing. I am so excited to see how well your students do on the different tests that we have coming up. We will be practicing a lot of writing this week in order to help us get ready. In science we have been talking about classifying animals. We finished up talking about birds today. We will talk about fish and other types of invertebrates this week.

*We have a short notice FIELD TRIP this Wednesday. The cost of this trip is $3. It will be a half day field trip to the Weber County fair grounds to learn about water. Because of the location and group sizes that will be attending the field trip directors have asked that we have NO parent volunteers attend.




Monday, April 10th
SBO Elections
1st grade Tartan Day
Blood Drive – 3:00-7:00
Spirit Day – Soccer game @ Home vs. Mound Fort – 4:15

Tuesday, April 11th
SBO Elections
PTSO Meeting – 2:00
Spirit Day – Baseball game @ Home vs. Syracuse – 4:15

Wednesday, April 12th
SBO Elections
4th Grade Field Trip
Spirit Day – Softball game @ Home vs. Mt. Ogden – 4:15
Soccer game @ Mt. Ogden – 4:15

Thursday, April 13th
SBO Elections
Spirit Day – Baseball game @ Home vs. Highland – 4:15

Friday, April 14th
SBO Elections
Elementary Read-a-Thon
Softball game @ Highland – 4:15
Early Out – 1:00
Casual Friday
Easter Egg Hunt (6th grade and under) – Sponsored by the HM Student Government  1:15




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Easter egg hunt

March 27-31

This week for math we have been working a lot on geometry. We have studied triangles, quadrilaterals and symmetry. We are currently working on designing a city that has buildings only shaped like quadrilaterals. I am excited to see your students projects as they finish them. We will also be taking our math test this Friday before spring break. In reading we are working on comparing and contrasting and analyzing characters. Classifying animals is our focus in science right now. It has been really fun for the students to learn about each type of vertebrate. They love learning about animals.

*We will have a field trip on April 12. The place we are going has asked that no parents come along, so sadly we won’t be able to have anyone join us for this trip.

*Please remind your students to turn in their homework. I have been really pushing the students to get their work in on time and to take responsibility and turn it in if it is missing.

*We have also had a small problem with stealing and teasing other students.  Please remind your student to be honest and kind to everyone. It breaks my heart when things go missing or they are mean to others. We also need to work on fully listening. We try so hard to make things fun at school and very interactive. It’s so hard to do this if students are tuning out instead of tuning in to instructions. I’m hoping with some spring break rest these issues will get better.

*Thanks for being wonderful parents!

March 6-March 10

This coming week we are in for some fun. We have been loving learning about decimals and will finish up this chapter in math and will start learning about perimeter and area. In reading we will be discussing theme, summarizing and the students will make a biography book. For science we are learning about deserts and forests. We have really been enjoying talking about the plants and animals that live in each Utah environment. In writing we are going to work on a paper that discusses the earths revolution and rotation. I am so proud of your students and how far they have come with their writing. We are making great progress and I’m excited to see even more in the next couple of months.

*As a reminder please make sure that planners are coming back signed and that read naturally homework is getting turned in. The quarter ends in two weeks and many students are missing these assignments on their grades.

February 27-March 3

In math this week we are finishing up fractions and taking our test. We are about to start our unit on decimals. There will be math homework Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In reading we are taking several assessment tests to see where the students are at. This will be a good way for us to know what we need to practice more of until the end of the year. For science we are learning about desert plants and animals and their adaptations. In writing we are breaking down what goes in each paragraph of our  essays.


February 21-24

This week in math we are continuing to work with fractions. We will be learning how to add and subtract mixed numbers as well as multiply a whole number by a fraction. In reading we are going to identify the main idea and details of stories. This is a great skill for the students to know an dis very helpful while they are writing. In science we are are finishing up discussing wetlands and are just about to start learning about deserts.

*Please remind and help your students turn in there math and reading homework.




Monday, February 20th
No School – Presidents Day

Tuesday, February 21st
Rubiks Cube Club (1st-5th grade) – 7:50
4th Grade Fieldtrip
1st Grade Presidents Day Presentation – 1:30-2:30
Spirit Day – Girls Basketball @ Home vs. Mound Fort – 4:15

Wednesday, February 22nd
Child Abuse Presentations in Elementary
HighMarket Expo – 6:00-8:00

Thursday, February 23rd
Child Abuse Presentations in Elementary
7th Grade Fieldtrip
8th Grade Fieldtrip
9th Grade Non-profit Fieldtrip
Girls Basketball Game @ UMA – 4:15

Friday, February 24th
Elementary Hawks’ Pride Assembly
Early Out – 1:00

February 13-17

This past week we worked on adding and subtracting fractions. The students are doing a great job at this skill with fractions. For reading we worked on determining the authors purpose and editing our writing.

I am so glad that we were able to go skiing as a grade. I was so impressed by how determined they were to keep trying and to learn what they needed to do to ski and snowboard. Everyone did a great job making sure to be safe, and I think we all had a great time.

Thank you for coming to parent teacher conferences! I enjoyed meeting with all of you and talking to you about your wonderful students.

February 6-10

This week in math we will be finishing up our first fraction unit. Mixed and improper fractions are our last topic for this unit. Our test will be on either Thursday or Friday. In reading we will be talking about character traits and asking and answering questions. We will be continuing to learn about animal adaptions in the wetland environment for science. In writing we are going to write an essay explaining why camels are adapted to live in the desert.

Math: 8.9, 8.10, review, test

Reading: 20 minutes for 5 nights a week and read naturally

*Don’t forget to turn in the ski permission slip and money



January 30-February 3

In math this week we are continuing to work on fractions. Equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and comparing fractions are the subjects we will work on this week. Fractions is an easy area for the students to feel lost in and get behind. Helping them stay caught up with their homework is one way that we can help keep on track. In reading we are focusing on sequencing and summarizing. These are two really important skills the students need to be able to master. For writing we are starting to study environments in Utah.

Homework: Math 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.9

Read 2o minutes  and read naturally

Box Tops4

Monday, January 30th
Spirit Week – “We Bleed Blue” – Wear blue and receive a blue-ink pen
Girls Basketball Pep Assembly – 2:30
Spirit Day – Home Girls Basketball vs. Syracuse Arts – 4:15

Tuesday, January 31st
Spirit Week – “Hats off to HighMark” – Hat Day

Wednesday, February 1st
Spirit Week – “Blast from the Past” – Dress from the Past Day
School Sports pictures
Spirit Day – Girls Basketball vs Mt. Ogden – 4:15

Thursday, February 2nd
Spirit Week – “HighMark goes Hawaiian” – Hawaiian Dress Day
Storytelling Festival

Friday, February 3rd
Spirit Week – “Super Spirit” – Favorite Jersey Day
Casual Friday
Early Out – 1:00


January 23-27

This week we will be starting our fraction unit for math. We are so excited to get working on fractions. We started out today by talking about factors and multiples and we will talk about prime and composite numbers tomorrow. The first major fraction topic we will discuss is equivalent fractions. In reading and writing we will be working on comparing and contrasting a variety of topics. In science we will be talking more plants and what they need to grow.

Homework: math 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4

reading: read 20 minutes 5 nights a week, read naturally


Box Tops4

HighMark Hawks Condensed Logo

Monday, January 23rd
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, January 24th
Boys Basketball Semi Finals @ Syracuse Arts – 4:15

Wednesday, January 25th
Happy Wednesday

Thursday, January 26th
Boys Basketball Championship – TBD

Friday, January 27th
Casual Friday
Elementary Hawks Pride Assembly – 12:20
Early Out – 1:00


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January 17-20

This week in math we are finishing up patterns with learning about the order of operations and taking our test. For reading we are working on find the main idea in things we read and things we write. Science is focused on the layers of soil and how soil can affect erosion. In writing we are really going to work on our editing skills. I am hoping that the students will be able to find their own mistakes and find ways that they can make their writing better.

HOMEWORK: Math 7.7, 7.9, ch 7 review

Reading: read 20 minutes five nights a week and turn in read naturally on Friday.



Monday, January 16th
No School – Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, January 17th
Spirit Day – Home Boys Basketball Game vs. Syracuse – 4:15

Wednesday, January 18th
Wrestling Meet @ Mound Fort – 4:15

Thursday, January 19th
Spirit Day – Home Boys Basketball Game vs. Mt. Ogden – 4:15
2nd Grade Fieldtrip
Jr. High GPA Party – 2:30

Friday, January 20th
Casual Friday
Jr. High No Tardy Party – 12:30
Early Out – 1:00