Solar Eclipse

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As you know, the solar eclipse is happening on Monday.  As of right now we have 8 pairs of glasses to share amongst the 6th grade. Our plan is to have the students pass around the glasses to view the eclipse. If you would like to send your child with their own pair of glasses so that they can view the eclipse a little longer, feel free to have them bring them.

We have heard that some of these glasses are available to purchase at the Davis County Fair, and at Fundaze.

Thank you so much,

The 6th grade team

Homework 8/17/17

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The only homework the students have tonight is the 20 minutes of reading, and getting page 7 and 8 of their planner signed. Pages 7 and 8 have to with the school’s computer user agreement. The students need to have this signed in order to use the computers at school. :)



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We had a wonderful first day, and it is obvious it will be a terrific year! This is just a reminder to sign your student’s planners nightly. This helps them keep track of their assignments, and the things that we did throughout the day. In their planner, anything that has a box around  it is homework they need to do. The only homework the students have for tonight is reading 20 minutes, which can also be signed off in the planner. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions. :)

6th Grade Disclosure Statement

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6th Grade Disclosure Statement (2017-2018)

 You may contact us during school hours by phone at (801)427-4627 or by e-mail.  Please take the time to visit and/or subscribe to your child’s teacher’s blog.









Our daily schedule changes based on whether it’s an A day or a B day.  The first bell rings 8:15 am each day and school starts at 8:20.  In general, we’ll have Language Arts and Math in the morning; rotations of Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts after lunch; and math review in the afternoon.  School gets out at 3:05 pm.


Classroom Rules and Consequences:

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be Responsible
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Safe


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Time-out/Loss of privileges
  3. Parent contacted/note sent home
  4. Referral to administration


Grades and Citizenship:

Students will be graded in each subject using a number of factors including, but not limited to, in class work, homework, projects, and assessments.  Grades can be accessed online at  Here you will be able to see student grades, missing assignments, etc.  PLEASE check your child’s grades/assignments on a regular basis.  We upgrade information at least once weekly.  Students will be given a citizenship grade based on behavior, participation, and work being handed in on time.


Homework: (in addition to the listed homework, students will need to finish work that wasn’t completed during class)

  • Language Arts: Students will be assigned a book report each month starting September 1st.  They will need to read a book in the assigned genre fitting the rubric (which will be sent home at a later date) and write a 1 page summary of the book.  All of this work will be done at home.  Students will have a weekly reading passage that they will need to complete and turn in each Friday.  In addition, students may have various vocabulary, grammar, and writing assignments throughout the week.


  • Math: Students will have daily math homework that will need to be done at home.  They will be able to access the e-book and parent resources on the teachers’ blogs.  They should only have about 5-10 problems each day.



  • Social Studies and Science: Students may have some reading, journaling, and projects as assigned.


  • Business: Students will be assigned one project where they need to design a “dream business.”  They will be presenting this project to their class at their assigned times.  The assigned times will be e-mailed to parents starting September.


Late Work Policy:

Please see the late-work policy posted on the blog.


Student Planner:

Each student will receive a HighMark Planner.  Please check and initial the planner daily to see what your student is doing.  Homework will be “boxed” in the planner and the daily schedule will be written down.


Electronics Policy:

Please see the school electronics policy posted online.


School Dress Code Policy:

Please see the school dress code policy online.


August Upcoming Events



Upcoming Events

Aug. 14—Back to School Night 4:00-5:30

Aug. 16—First Day of School (1/2 day)

Aug. 17-18—Girls Soccer Clinics 1:50-3:20

Half day of school

Aug. 21-22—Girls Soccer Tryouts 3:20-5:00

Aug. 22-23—Cross Country Clinics 3:20-5:00

Aug. 24-25—Cross Country Tryouts 3:20-5:00

Aug. 28-29—Girls Volleyball Clinic (in the gym) 3:20-5:00

Aug. 30-31—Girls Volleyball Tryouts (in the gym) 3:20-5:00


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Parents and Students:
Welcome to Highmark Charter School!  We hope you enjoyed your summer, and we’re excited to meet you at Back to School Night on Monday, Aug. 14 at 4:00-5:30.

We’ll talk to you about what to expect in 6th grade then, but we’d like to give you a list of supplies each 6th grader should have, which things are optional, and which materials will be provided by the teachers.
Each student need to bring:

4 composition/spiral bound notebooks

2 packages of number 2 pencils (please no mechanical pencils)

4 packages of lined paper (wide ruled or college ruled is fine)

2 folders with pockets


If you’d like, students may bring:

expo markers


paper towels

pencil pouches

graph paper
We will provide them with scissors, crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens, rulers, glue, and staplers.  Please do not have your student bring this with them.  They don’t need them.  We would also ask that students do not bring anything that can’t fit in their desk.
Please let us know if you have any questions!  We look forward to meeting you!
The 6th grade team at Highmark

DARE Lagoon Day- May 19th

Friday, May 19th: DARE Lagoon Day – this is NOT a field trip!

  • Lagoon is once again offering DARE Graduates the opportunity to go and enjoy Lagoon.
    • This is a day that DARE students can get into Lagoon for a discounted price.  It is not a school event, so if students want to go they have to find their own transportation and pay for entry at the park.  If students do not come to school it will be considered an “unexcused” absence (you do have the option of checking your child out of school).
    • This offer is extended to all DARE Graduates and their families.  You can bring your whole family and enjoy a discounted per person price (usually about $33.00).

Dare Essay

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DARE essays will be due on Friday, May 12th. Students will have plenty of time to complete these essays in class, however, if they want to work on them additionally at home, I have included the rubric. :)


Name: Date:

DARE Essay Rubric

4 Excellent

q Introduction paragraph clearly

 defines DARE.

 explains dangers of drug, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

q Body paragraphs clearly explain

 meaning of DARE to you.

 what you learned from DARE.

q Body paragraph includes specific details from DARE book.

q Conclusion paragraph explains the most important things that you learned.

q Sentences are clear and have complete thoughts.

q Paragraph form is correct and includes introduction and concluding signals.

q Spelling and punctuation are correct.

q Essay format correctly follows guidelines, reflecting personal pride.



Speech Contest


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Our sixth graders have been preparing to give a speech in class. The students will share their speeches on Monday and Tuesday of next week. After presenting to our class, one student will be chosen to give their speech during a school-wide speech competition on May 17th.
The speech prompt is ‘What is a Hero?’. We have been working on this speech for the last few weeks in class, so most of the students are already finished and ready to present. Each student is allowed to have 6 index cards. They can use these cards as place-holders/reminders if they get nervous or lose track of their place. Other than the cards, the students should have their speech memorized. Each student’s speech should last between 3-5 minutes.
The only homework the students have over the weekend is to finish their speech, and make sure they are ready to present next Monday/Tuesday. :)
If you have any questions/concerns, please contact me at . Thank you for your time, and have a great weekend. :)
Alexandra Shore

SAGE Testing


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Hi parents/guardians,

As you know, we started SAGE testing this week. We will continue to test next week and the week after. Please continue to send your students with a pair of headphones each day. If you would like me to keep the headphones, I can keep them at my desk as long as they are in a plastic bag. :)


Thank you for all of your help. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.