Kids MarketPlace – May 9, 2017

MarketPlace Blog ImageThe Kid’s Marketplace is a hands-on educational tool used to introduce our 3rd graders to financial choices while having fun. Students learn how to make financial decisions, understand the difference between needs and wants, and recognize the importance of math skills in everyday life. The students are given an occupation with their monthly salary. They then get to experience the financial obligations that adults deal with everyday.

Volunteers Needed

We are bringing Reality Town to our 8th grade students on December 13, 2016.


Have you ever wished that someone had clued you in to the “real world” before you actually were required to tackle the task?  Reality Town does just that by giving students a glimpse into the future of adult financial responsibilities.

Reality Town provides students with a hands-on simulation in which they make lifestyle and budget decisions as they take on careers, salaries, families, and the associated responsibilities of the adult world.

To prepare students for their Reality Town experience they will do the following in class: Research careers, write resumes, apply for jobs and learn how to manage a checking account.

We are asking for volunteers to run the 24 different businesses during the simulation as well as to help set up, clean up, and donate items. Please click HERE to sign up.