1. Academic Awards:
    Honors Award = 3.5 – 3.79 GPA for one or more years High Honor Hawk Award = 3.8 GPA or above for one or more years Outstanding Hawk = 4.0 GPA for one or more years Hawk Hall of Fame = 4.0 GPA, no N’s or U’s for three years (7th-9th at HighMark). This award includes an individual plaque and name on school plaque Perfect Attendance Award = No absences for one year Leader of the Month = Teacher nomination for following the 7 Habits Department Awards = Each department will nominate an outstanding student in that content area Hawk 3-Sport Award = Participate in THREE sports for THREE years = APPLICATION

    1. Athlete must participate in THREE sports offered at HighMark within the school year designated. A high school sport does NOT count toward this award.
    2. Athletes must be up-to-date on the athletic fees, have a good attitude toward the team and coaches, conform to school standards, attend daily practices and compete on the team. Red shirt athletes are NOT eligible.
    3. Boys must compete in soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, cross country or track.  Girls must compete in softball, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, soccer or cheerleading.
    4. Coaches and administrators will have the final input as to whether an athlete qualifies for this award.
    5. Athlete must maintain 2.5 GPA each quarter.
    6. Athletes who participate at this level for 3 years will receive an individual plaque as well as name on school plaque
    7. Athlete must fill out application for award (form online on website)

    Nomination/Application awards:

    This award includes an application (form online on website), cumulative GPA 3.5, service project, business plan, and teacher recommendation

    Student will have name on school plaque + $100

    This award includes an application, service projects, and letters of recommendation

    Student will have name on school plaque + $50