March 12th-16th

*Class Pictures will be held on Wednesday this week.

*Student’s tryout for the spelling bee will be Thursday. We will be able to have 3 finalists in our class move on to the 4th Grade Spelling Bee.

*The Read-a-thon will be held this Friday. :) We will be having our Spelling and Vocab test Thursday (a day earlier than normal).

*Friday is the end of the Quarter. Grades will need to be turned in by this Thursday. Please make sure all missing work is turned in.


Monday: Lesson 5

Tuesday: Lesson 2

Wednesday: Chapter Review

Thursday: Chapter 13 Test

Reading: 20 minutes every night

Vocab: resources, dense, evaporate, shallow, moisture, civilized continent, opportunities, customs, independent

Spelling: poster, secret, whether, author, rocket, bushel, agree, bucket, ticket, declare, chicken, clothing, apron, whiskers, degree, gather, achieve, rather, bracket, machine

Read Naturally: Due on Friday


Yearbooks! :)

year book

*Parent Teacher Conferences will be this Wednesday, and Thursday. Due to Parent teacher conferences we will be having Friday Schedule for both Wednesday and Thursday. Please let me know if you were not able to sign up for a conference time on signup.com.


Monday: Lesson 10.8

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Chapter 10 Test

Thursday: Benchmark Review

Friday: Benchmark Review

Reading: Vocab Test on Friday

1.politics 2.intelligent 3.disorderly 4.approve 5.polls 6.legislature 7.amendment 8.candidates 9.informed 10.denied

Spelling: Test on Friday

1. dentist 2. final 3. finish 4. narrow 5. shelter 6. ahead 7. corner 8. hollow 9. divide 10. famous 11.recent 12. silver 13.capture 14. cabin 15. dinner 16. minus 17. minute 18.value 19.reward 20.broken

Read Naturally

Reading 20 mins. each night


February 20th-23rd

We will be having our Field trip to the orthodontist this Thursday. It will be a short field trip and students will be eating their lunches at school.

Also Parent Teacher Conference is coming up. Please sign up on sign up.com



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Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.


Math this week:

Tuesday: 9.7

Wednesday: 9.9

Thursday: Review

Friday: Chapter 9 Test


20 mins each night

Read Naturally

Spelling and Vocab this week:


1. million 2. collect 3. lumber 4. pepper 5. plastic 6. borrow 7. support 8. thirty 9. perfect 10. attend 11. canyon 12. traffic

13. fortune 14. danger 15. soccer 16. engine 17. picture 18. survive 19. seldom 20. effort


1. territory 2. accompany 3. proposed 4. interpreter 5. duty 6. supplies 7. route 8. corps 9. clumsy 10. landmark


February 12th -14th

For Valentines Day, we will be having a valentines exchange. Students can bring their own boxes for their valentines they will be receiving. I will send home a list with the first names of class members. Valentines are not required, but if students do decide to bring them, there needs to be enough for everyone in the class.


Mrs. Cebreros

It’s a short week this week! :) Teachers have Professional development, because of this, students will not be coming to school on Thursday or Friday. Monday is Presidents Day, there will also be no school on this day. It will be a nice long weekend. Yay!!


Monday: 9.2 & 9.4

Tuesday: 9.5

Wednesday: 9.6

We will not be having Read Naturally due to the short week. We will be having a Spelling and Vocabulary test on Wednesday.

Reading: 20mins. every night.

Spelling: 1. colorful 2.weakness 3. movement 4. endless 5. truthful 6. illness 7. cheerful 8. useless 9. beautiful 10. restless 11. clumsiness 12. pavement 13. peaceful 14.fondness 15. neatness 16. speechless 17. statement 18. wasteful     19. penniless 20. treatment


1. overcome 2. association 3. capitol 4. drought 5. dedicate 6. publicity 7. violence 8. conflicts 9. horizon 10. brilliant



Dear Parents,

This week is spirit week! Tuesday will be Disney Day (Wear your favorite Disney Shirt or mickey mouse ears, no costumes) Wednesday is Blue Out Day (wear as much blue as you can) Thursday Hat and Sock day (wear your favorite hat and pair of crazy socks) . Friday Crazy Hair Day (make your hair as crazy as you can).

Also for Valentines Day, we will be having a valentines exchange. Students can bring their own boxes for their valentines they will be receiving. I will send home a list with the first names of class members. Valentines are not required, but if students do decide to bring them, there needs to be enough for everyone in the class.


Mrs. Cebreros


Math: Test on Thursday

Monday: 8.10

Tuesday: Chapter Review

Wednesday: Study for Math test

Thursday: Test (No Homework)

Friday: 9.1

Reading: Read Naturally due Friday

Spelling and Vocab Words : Test on Friday

Vocab: 1. gigantic 2. miniature 3. especially 4. lapped 5. vanished 6. jealous 7. haze 8. lure 9. deliberately 10. crisp

Spelling :

1. unused

2. refresh

3. dislike

4. replace

5. unpaid

6. redo

7. disorder

8. unplanned

9. distrust

10. rewind

11. untrue

12. unload

13. recall

14. displease

15. uneven

16. rebuild

17. restart

18. uncover

19. untidy

20. discolor

Our Ski Trip is this Wednesday! We are all so excited! Please make sure students are here on time, we can’t wait for anyone. Students will need sack lunches, and appropriate clothing for skiing/snowboarding. If parents want to keep students at the ski resort longer than the 4th grade is staying, you will need to check them out with me. :)


Monday: Lesson 8.5 (evens only) & Lesson7 (odds only)

Tuesday: Lesson 8.6

Wednesday: No Homework

Thursday: Lesson 8.9

Friday: Lesson 8.10

Read Naturally: “Spiral Island” Due on Friday

Spelling & Vocab Quiz on Friday:


Glance, Judge, damage, package, twice, stage, carriage, since, practice, marriage, baggage, office, message, bridge, chance, notice, ridge, manage, palace, bandage


Reward, graduate, symbol, foster, disobey, confidence, patiently, confesses, ceremony, performs



January 22nd-26th


(Monday and Tuesday we will have homework finished in class)

Monday: 8.3

Tuesday: 8.3

Wednesday: 8.4

Thursday: 8.5

Friday: 8.6

Read Naturally will be due on Friday

Vocab and Spelling Quiz will be on Friday


1. escorted 2. swelled 3. relied 4. reputation 5. worthy 6. churning 7. situation 8. deserve 9. defended 10. satisfied


1. risky 2.track  3.topic  4.blank 5.question  6. pocket 7.monkey 8. junk 9.equal 10.ache 11.public 12.attack 13.struck 14.earthquake 15.picnic 16.banker 17.electric 18.blanket 19. mistake 20. stomach



January 16th-19th

Welcome back from another break! :) Are we going to be ready for next week when we have to come for 5 whole days?!!!


Tuesday: Math Review

Wednesday: Chapter 7 Test

Thursday: 8.1

Friday: 8.2


Read 20 mins. each day

Read Naturally will be due on Friday

No Vocab or Spelling this week (we are doing Benchmark testing for reading/writing)



January 8-12

There will be no school on Friday for students. Teacher’s will be finalizing grades this day. All Missing work needs to be turned in no later than Thursday.


Monday: Lesson 7.5

Tuesday: Lesson 7.6

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: 7.7

Read Naturally will be due on Thursday

Our Spelling and Vocab Quiz will be on Thursday this week.


Tiniest, ladies,

hobbies, friendlier,

copied, studied,

countries, busier,

pitied, breezier,

easier, prettiest,

laziest, noisier,

families, healthier,

spied,  butterflies,

happiest, funniest,


Organisms, habitats

directly, variety

affect, species

traces, banned

vast, radiation


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