January 8-12

There will be no school on Friday for students. Teacher’s will be finalizing grades this day. All Missing work needs to be turned in no later than Thursday.


Monday: Lesson 7.5

Tuesday: Lesson 7.6

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: 7.7

Read Naturally will be due on Thursday

Our Spelling and Vocab Quiz will be on Thursday this week.


Tiniest, ladies,

hobbies, friendlier,

copied, studied,

countries, busier,

pitied, breezier,

easier, prettiest,

laziest, noisier,

families, healthier,

spied,  butterflies,

happiest, funniest,


Organisms, habitats

directly, variety

affect, species

traces, banned

vast, radiation



January 3rd-5th

Happy New Year!!

Students will not be having Read Naturally this week due to the short week. We will also not be having our regular spelling and Vocabulary test on Friday this week.


Wednesday: 7.3

Thursday 7.4

Friday 7.5

Missing work needs to be turned in the end of the quarter is coming up soon! :)


December 18th-20th

Christmas PictureHappy Holidays!!!

Students will have a short week due to Christmas Break. Wednesday will be an early out day.

Christmas Party

As a class we’ve decided to Have a White Elephant gift exchange, and a Christmas movie with treats. Our party will be on Wednesday, December 20th. Store bought Treats are welcome, if you would like to donate treats please bring them on Tuesday so I’ll know if I need to pick up anything. We just can’t have anything with peanuts.

For the White Elephant gifts students can bring a wrapped gift, the price range is anywhere from $1-$4. It can be a gift for a girl or a boy, we are going to play a fun game with the gifts,  the presents can be as random as the students want. :) If students aren’t able to bring a gift for the game, a gift will be provided, just let me know so I know what to plan for.

Thank you so much!

Students will not have homework this week, except for on Monday with studying for their Science test.

Monday: Review Day (no homework)

Tuesday: Science Test (Water Cycle)

Wednesday: Review & Christmas party @12:30 (No Homework)

See you next year :)


December 11th-15th


Monday: Review (Study For Chapter 6 Test on Division)

Tuesday: Chapter 6 Math Test

Wednesday: 7.1

Thursday: 7.2

Friday: Review

Read Naturally:  Planting Hope

Spelling and Vocab quizzes will be on Friday

Spelling: 1. Turkey 2. lonely 3. colony 4. steady 5.hungry 6. valley 7. hockey 8. starry 9. melody 10. movie

11. duty 12. drowsy 13. chimney 14. plenty 15. daily 16. alley 17. fifty 18. empty 19. injury 20. prairie



2. exchanges

3. excess



6. obstacles

7. transfers

8. transport

9. chamber

10. scarce


December 4th-7th

No school on Friday for students. Teachers have professional development.

Don’t forget December 7th is our Winter Carnival!

Math Homework:




Review day

Next Tuesday we will be having our chapter 6 Test.

RN: “Predator Becomes Prey”

Spelling/Vocab (The Quiz is on Thursday this week)


1. Wiped 2. covered 3. mapped 4. pleasing 5. slipped 6. putting 7. Traveled 8. seeking 9. visiting 10. mixed 11. shipped

12. Phoning 13. offered 14. smelling 15. hiking 16. checking 17. fainted 18. landed 19. Becoming 20. Wandering


1.display 2.alert 3.weariness 4.fractured 5.standards 6.vision 7.huddle 8.graceful 9.stranded 10.concluded

Welcome back! :) This year the winter carnival will be Thursday December 7th from 5:30-8:30 pm. This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the PTSO. They have asked the teachers to get together with their classes and create baskets to donate to the silent auction. As a 4th Grade we have chosen a Family Night themed basket. We are looking for anything that could be done with family; games, activities,  movies, treats, etc..  Please have students bring items to school by Friday December 1st. Also, if you have any business contacts that may be willing to donate items for the auction or you have Christmas trees/other items they can borrow for decorating please contact the PTSO at hawksptso@hmcharterschool.org.



Monday: 6.5

Tuesday: 6.6





Read Naturally

Read 20 mins. each night

Friday Quizzes:

Vocab: trembles, wreckage, slab, possessions, tenement, crushing, rubble, debris, timbers, constructed.

Spelling: rising, traced, stripped, slammed, dancing, striped, winning, snapping, bragging, handled, dripped, begged, dared, skipped, hitting, spotted, raced, dimmed, spinning, escaped



November 13th-17th


Monday: 6.1

Tuesday: 6.2

Wednesday: 6.3

Thursday: 6.4

Friday: 6.5


Read Naturally: Our Printer/copy machine is out of commission, so students will probably receive their Read Naturally on Tuesday.

Read 20 mins. each night

Vocab and Spelling quizzes are on Friday:


Presence,  arrangement,

disbelief,   tempted,

biological,  endeared,

pounced,   utter,

hastened, incident


Somebody,  classmate,

fireplace,   flashlight,

nearby,  haircut,

toothbrush,  twenty-two,

homesick,   driveway,

make-believe,  alarm clock,

anything, baby-sit,

all right,   airport,

forever,  mailbox,

goodbye, forehead



November 6th- 10th



Monday: M&M Math

Tuesday: 5.5

Wednesday: 5.6

Thursday: Math Review

Friday: Chapter 5 math Test


Read Naturally : The Unbelievable Animal

Read 20 mins. each night

Spelling words: Should be in student’s planners

They are;

Learn  Worth 

Dirty   Early

Worn  Return

Sore   Pure

Thirst  World

Burn    Search

Record  Worse

Cure    Thirteen

Board  Sport

Course  Current 

Vocabulary Words this week:











Happy Halloween!!!

We will be having our costume parade at 8:30 Tuesday, October 31st. Our Halloween, class, party will begin at 2:00.

Monday: 5.1



Thursday: No Homework

Friday: 5.4

Read Naturally :

Slow Moving Killer

Read 20 mins. each night.


October 24th-27th

Welcome back!

Red Ribbon Week :)

Tuesday – wear red (must have a collar)

Wednesday – wear your shirt backwards (must have a collar)

Thursday – jersey day (no collar if wearing jersey, team shirt, college gear)

Friday – sunglasses & dark clothes (don’t have to have a collar)


Tuesday: 4.7 & 4.8 Evens only

Wednesday: 4.9 & 4.11

Thursday: 4.10 & Chapter Review

Friday: Test


 Read Naturally

Vocab & Spelling Unit 8:


aloud, bald, hawk, south, faucet, proud, claw, tower, stalk, couple, howl, false, dawn, allow, drown, pause, fault, cause, amount, cloudier.


glorious, studio, concerned, model, smeared, ruined, yanked, streak, schedule, feast






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