Science class required materials check list.  This will be given as the first assignment in my class.

7th Grade Integrated Science/Biology

Students will need the following items for classroom work by Monday, Aug. 21 (B-day) or Tuesday Aug. 22 (A-day).  They will receive assignment points for being prepared for class with these materials.  Please check off each item as you have it and bring this checklist back to class in order to get your points (10 pts. Possible)

  1. 1 ½” to 2” binder with folder sleeves in front and back and college ruled filler paper
  2. 5 Tab Dividers to put in Science Notebook for units/strands
  3. Composition notebook for Objective/Science Starts/Exit Ticket ($.50 – at most stores on sale)
  4. A pencil pouch to store materials: pen/pencil/eraser/red pen/colored pencils (this can be used in all classes)
  5. A pair of ear buds/headphones that can be stored in your pencil pouch. This should be for school use only and kept in your pencil pouch so that you have them at all times.

Please see Canvas for assignments, calendar and announcements and your eBook.

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password:  first initial  last initial  SIS ####

(if your SIS number is only 3 digits you will need to add a zero in front of it)

   EXAMPLE:               Sally Anderson      SIS 567

Canvas Login would be:      username:   sally.anderson

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