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Lost and Found

Lost and Found
All items in our lost and found will be donated on January 12th.  Please check the lost and found for any lost items.

A Message from Principal Johnston

social media2
Social Media and Students

So Good . . . and So Painful

We all love our phones and computers and all the information that they bring to us.  There is so much good that comes from the internet and being instantly in touch with our friends and family.

Social media becomes painful when it is used to hurt others.  It is so easy to text something rather than say it to their face.  School is a hot bed for social media pain!  Conversations at night becomes a hurtful thing in the morning and fuels inadequacies that students are having each day on their own. 

We teachers and administrators are hoping you can talk with your student and help us to confirm how social media needs to be used in a positive way.  That old adage of “if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything,” is a good talking point with them.  We are consistently talking to them about being appropriate.  We would like to suggest the following: 

  1. Take your student’s phone from him/her when it is bedtime. Charge it in your room rather than in their room.  This should eliminate some bad comments that come late at night.  It’s these comments that follow them to school and cause problems.
  2. Delete those apps that are causing problems for your student. Especially the “Sarahah App.”  We suggest to delete that app if it is on your student’s phone. This is a really mean app where the person is anonymous and there are really awful things being sent.  Here is a link for you to read about it:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/everything-you-need-to-know-about-sarahah-the-anonymous_us_599b51eee4b0ac90f2cba943
  3. Download on your phone one of the “Circle” apps that allows you to control their internet. Just go to your app store and search for it.  They have free ones, but I understand the ones you pay for are a little better.  You can turn off individual apps on their phone:  having problems with others on Snapchat, turn it off; their texting is out of control, turn it off, etc. This app is advertised on television where the mom is trying to have dinner and everyone is on their phones; she hits her app and closes them down.  Perfect!
  4. When a parent gets involved and has consequences for texts or posts, your child will listen to you. Check that phone EVERY night after school.  If they have deleted some texts to avoid you knowing– they lose their phone for a day.  Consequences are amazing ways to change and control behavior. 

Please help us with teaching your child what is appropriate on social media.

Hawks’ Weekly

Monday, January 8th
Spirit Day -Boys Basketball Game vs. Syracuse – 4:15

Tuesday, January 9th
PTSO Meeting – 2:00
Wrestling Pep Assembly – 2:15
Girls Basketball Tryouts (6th – 9th grade) – 3:20-5:00
Wrestling Meet @ Mound Fort – 4:15

Wednesday, January 10th
Girls Basketball Tryouts (6th – 9th grade) – 3:20-5:00
Boys Basketball Game @ Mound Fort – 4:15

Thursday, January 11th
Last Day of 2nd Term

Friday, January 12th
No School – Teacher work day

Lost and Found

Lost and Found
All items in our lost and found will be donated on January 12th.  Please check the lost and found for any lost items.

Hawks’ Weekly

HighMark Hawks Condensed Logo

Thursday, December 21st – January 2nd
No School – Winter Break

Wednesday, January 3rd
Jr. High New Years Stomp – 2:35-3:05
Girls Basketball Clinics (6th – 9th grade) – 3:20-4:50 (more info HERE)

Thursday, January 4th
Spirit Day – Home Boys Basketball Game vs Mt. Ogden – 4:15

Friday, January 5th
$1 Hoodie Day
Girls Basketball Clinics (6th – 9th grade) – 1:45-3:15 (more info HERE)

FREE Hoodie Day – Tomorrow

We met our goal for our Socks for Souls fundraiser, collecting over 400 pair!  Great Job Hawks!  Because we met our goal we will be having a FREE Hoodie Day tomorrow!  

Hawks Weekly

HighMark Hawks Condensed Logo

Monday, December 18th
Jr. High Music Field Trip – 10:30

Guitar Recital – 6:00 

Tuesday, December 19th
Jr. High Christmas Assembly 
Wrestling Meet @ Utah Military Academy – 4:15 

Wednesday, December 20th
Ugly Sweater Contest
Early Out – 1:35

Thursday, December 21st – January 2nd
No School – Winter Break

Plastic Bottle Caps Needed

Bottle Caps

Hello everyone, we need your help!

We are joining with HAFB to help  Kylie. Kylie is a three year old girl from Elmira Heights, New York who is in need of a kidney transplant! For every 1,000 PLASTIC CAPS (plastic bottle caps, milk jug caps, soda bottle caps, etc.) we receive will  fund ONE dialysis treatment for Kylie. Our goal is to collect 10,000 PLASTIC CAPS so that Kylie can receive 10 dialysis treatments and be where she needs to be for a kidney transplant.

Thank you!

Ugly Sweater Contest

Ugly Sweater

Wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater Wednesday, December 20th and we will have a contest for the best Ugly Christmas Sweater in Elementary and Jr. High.

All we want for Christmas….

All I want for Christmas

Being a sub at HighMark is a great opportunity!  You have flexibility to work when you are available and we pay $10.00-$14.00 an hour based on your education.  Please send your resume to Mary Johnston at mjohnston@hmcharterschool.org