Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week 24-27 Oct.

24th – Wear Red (Shirts need a collar) Pumpkins are also due to the Library

25th – Wear you shirt backwards (Shirts need a collar)

26th – Wear a team jersey

27th – wear sunglasses and dark clothes

The classes with the highest percentage of students participating each day will win a prize.

 27th – Spelling Test – sock, clock, block, fox, shop, plop, now, her, she, today, our, would


Oct 16-18 and 24-27

Upcoming Events

Fall Break 18-23 Oct.

Red Ribbon Week 24-27 Oct.

24th – Wear Red

25th – Wear you shirt backwards

26th – Wear a team jersey

27th – wear sunglasses and dark clothes

Pumpkins 24th Oct. - Because this has been so popular the PTSO has extended the deadline to turn in a pumpkin to the 24th. Please bring them to the library. Make sure your student’s name, grade and teacher’s name are on the pumpkin. They will be judged the week of the 27th.

Halloween Party – 31st Oct. in the afternoon. If you would like to come and help out with activities please let me know.

Class Book - We have started work on our class book. There is an information packet coming home on Monday the 16th. If you would like to order your own copy the deadline is November 21st.

Box Tops – The PTSO has not yet picked these up for the quarter so keep on sending them in.

Language Arts

We will keep the same objectives, spelling words and vocabulary words for both of the short weeks. The reading passage and take home books will be due back on the 27th.

Learning Objectives – Sequence of Events, Phrasing, Statements and Classifying

Spelling Words – shop, block, clock, plop, sock, fox, our, she, now, her, would, today

Vocabulary Words – our, she, now, her, would, today


We will be finishing chapter 3 over the next two weeks. The test will be November 30th.

9-13 Oct.

Fall Weather – As you all know the weather in Utah can be unpredictable. So far it has not been to cold to be outside for recess but the kids definitely need a jacket especially first thing in the morning. Please make sure to send in something warm for them to wear.

Box Tops – The PTSO will be collecting box tops for the first quarter at the end of next week. So far we have quite a few, but keep sending them in and maybe our class can win the party.

Kids Expo – Our week to sell a product has been moved to the the 13th of November during lunch.

Class Book – We will start working on our class book next week. I will send home order forms at the beginning of November.

Language Arts

Details, Rate and Sentence Parts

Spelling – shin, did, trip, will, six, grin, animal, of, how, some, make,why

Vocabulary – animal, of, how, some, make,why


We will take a test on Chapter 2 and Start Chap 3 on relating addition and subtraction

2-6 October

Oct 4th – Picture Retakes

Mini Pumpkin Contest – The first 40 students to turn in their mini pumpkins the week of Oct 2 – Oct 6th will get a cool prize!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Be creative!
  • All pumpkins must be mini pumpkins (no full-sized pumpkins please)
  • Paint, hot glue, or otherwise decorate your mini pumpkin
  • Use your imagination, but make sure your pumpkin is not scary, bloody, “evil looking”, gory, or gross
  • No carved pumpkins (they rot)
  • Have fun!

Language Arts

Understanding Characters, Expression, Classify, Complete Sentences

Spelling – plan, had, add, bad, cat, pass, can, ran, away, said, call, hear

Vocabulary – away, every, call, hear, come, said


We will finish chapter 6 this week. We will review next Monday and take the test Tuesday.

25-29 Sept.

25 Sept – Field Trip to the Zoo. Bring a boxed lunch and a coat.

26 Sept – Hearing Screenings. You only need to return the form if you do NOT want this done

27-28 Sept – Parent Teacher Conferences and the Book Fair

Language Arts

We have finished Unit 1, so this will be a review week. We will spend some more time  on adjectives, antonyms and complete sentences. We will also being doing a special writing project.

They will not have take home books this week.

The reading passage will be Boats

Spelling Words – play, help, look, have, sing, they, does, here, friend, hold


We will continue chapter 2 on subtraction


18-22 Sept.

19th – School is out at 11 am. We will not be having lunch. This will also be the day we have the evacuation drill.

25th – Field Trip to the Zoo. Don’t forget a sack lunch.

Language Arts 

Story Structure, Antonyms and Adjectives

Spelling – shut, thug, stub, slug, plug, mud, friend, hold, full, many, good, pull

Vocabulary – friend, hold, full, many, good, pull


Chapter 2 – subtraction

11-15 Sept. 2017

Fundraiser – As you know there was a wildfire here in Uintah/South Weber last week. Many of our students and faculty were affected by this. As a school we would like to thank all of the emergency personnel who worked to keep us safe. We will be collecting money in class next week to purchase a thank you gift, any amount you can donate will help. As an added bonus the class that raises the most money will receive a small prize.

Field Trip – Our 1st field trip will be to Hogle Zoo on Monday September 25th. Permission slips will be going home on Monday the 11th. Thanks to the generosity of both the PTSO and Hogle Zoo this will be a completely free field trip. Just remember to send lunch. I will need 5 chaperones for the field trip. We will leave the school at 9 am and return by 2 pm. If you would like to be a chaperone please let me know. Please keep in mind that siblings may not attend this field trip.

Language Arts 

Text Features, Alphabetical Order, Adjectives

Spelling Words – yet, wet, web, leg, pen, hen, all, me, does, my, here, who (some of these are also vocabulary words)

Vocabulary Words – all, me, does, my, here, who


We will finish Chapter 1 this week. The test will be on Thursday. We will then begin Chapter 2 on subtraction.


5-9 Sept

4 Sept – No School – Labor Day

I sent next week’s reading passage (Apples) home early because of the holiday.

Parent Teacher Conferences are at the end of the month. I will be sending an email with the link to sign up.

If you student has any missing assignments I sent a note home on Friday with what they need to turn in.

Next Week’s Work

Language Arts – Sequence of Events, Punctuation and Multiple-Meaning Words

Spelling – log, lot, top, hot, dot, ox, no, do, find, sing (The last 4 are also Vocabulary Words)

Vocabulary – no, do, find, sing, funny, they (they need to know how to use these in a sentence)

Math – We will continue chapter 1 on basic addition

28 Aug – 1 Sept

4 Sept – No School – Labor Day

*** Please send in your box tops, they help raise money for the school. Our class would like to collect the most.

Homework Clarification

Language Arts – Practice spelling words each night.

Reading is a total of 15 minutes. The total is made up from the weekly reading passage, the four small books I send home and anything else your student chooses to read.

Start the passage on Monday by having your child write a prediction – what do they think the story will be about. Each time you read the story record the number of words read correctly in a minute.

The four small books go along with the sounds we are learning in spelling. These books can be read once or as many times as you think it is necessary for your child. You can read all 4 in one night or 1 each night.

I will collect both the reading passage and the small books on Friday. The reading passages are worth 12 points each so these can have a big effect on your student’s language arts grade.

Math – Please do this each night and return it the next school day. The home work reinforces the concepts learned in class. Please check your child’s homework to ensure that they understand it.

Next Week’s Work

Language Arts – We will work on understanding characters, reading with accuracy and nouns

Spelling – fib, rip, his, fit, him, pin

Vocabulary – for, he, want, look, have, too (they need to know how to use these in a sentence)

Math – We will continue chapter 1 on basic addition

21-25 Aug

Solar Eclipse – We have glasses for everyone and we will be going outside around 11:30 to view the eclipse for just a couple of minutes.

Please return you summer reading log if you have one.

Language Arts

What is the Main Idea and reading with accuracy

Spelling – am, at, man, mat, sat, dad

Vocabulary – play, be, and, help, with, you

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests are on Friday


Chapter 1 – Modelling addition and basic facts