Welcome to Second Grade

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I hope you’ve had a great summer!  I’m so excited to be your student’s teacher this year and I know that this year will be the best!  Monday, August 14th, will be Back to School night from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.  This is a great time to drop by and introduce me to your student, get them familiar with our classroom, and ask me any questions you might have.

Our class supply list can be found here:


There is a typo – “Composite” notebook is really just another Composition Notebook.

Please be sure to subscribe to this class blog.  I will be posting their regularly with updates, photos, fun activities we do in class, and our weekly homework assignments.  It’s very simple – simply click on the “Subscribe” button on the right hand side of this screen, and voila!

Second grade starts on Wednesday, August 16th at 8:20.  For the first week of school we have early out, at 1:35.   On regular school days, school is dismissed at 3:05.

Enjoy the last few days of summer and I’ll look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night!


Pizza Party/Rocket Launching

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We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for our pizza party and rocket launching.  We ate pizza, GoGurts, and Popsicles out on the lawn, and then took turns launching our rockets.   Thank you to the parents who helped!  Click on pictures to make them bigger.
















End of School Activities

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Here are some fun things we have been doing to finish off our school year:

Camping Day!  We told scary stories, cozied up with stuffed animals and blankets and had a read-a-thon, made a yummy s’mores trailmix, and made a special summer journal to take home and fill out this summer.













Rockets!  Today we made rockets and tomorrow we launch them!  Check back for more pictures all week while we count down the last few days of school!









Field Trip to KSL

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We had such a fun field trip to KSL Broadcast house seeing the behind the scenes and learning the different jobs you can have in broadcasting.  We even got to see Utah’s Governor – Governor Herbert!  The KSL staff treated us so well and answered all of our questions.  We got to see them recording the news and talk to the meteorologist about weather!  Thanks to the parents who came and helped and KSL for hosting us!

Here are some pictures of our day!

IMG_1830 IMG_1829 IMG_1828 IMG_1827 IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1818 IMG_1816 IMG_1809 IMG_1803 IMG_1799 IMG_1797 IMG_1794 IMG_1793 IMG_1790 IMG_1788 IMG_1786 IMG_1785 IMG_1782 IMG_1781 IMG_1776 IMG_1774 IMG_1770 IMG_1769

Homework 05/08/17 – 05/12/17

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Here is our homework for this week:

Read Naturally – fill out reading log every day

4 math pages – graphs

Spelling words:

1.  aim

2. snail

3. bay

4. braid

5. ray

6. always

7. gain

8. sly

9. chain

10. shy

11. bright

12. fright


13. tray

14. try

Don’t forget our patriotic program this Friday at 12:15.  Please send your student in blue jeans or blue jean shorts.  Also, we will be having a “linger longer” gathering after so please bring a treat to share.  Thanks!  Let me know if you have any other questions.

Homework 05/01/17 – 05-05/17

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Here is our homework for this week:

Read Naturally – fill out reading log every day

4 math pages – graphs

Spelling words:

1. cow

2. house

3. town

4. shout

5. down

6. mouse

7. found

8. loud

9. brown

10. ground

11. pound

12. flower


13. out

14. now

Dino Fun!

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This week in class we are reading “The Dog That Dug for Dinosaurs”.  We are learning all about fossils and paleontologists.   Today we became the paleontologist, dug for our own dinosaurs, and made our own fossils!  Here are some pictures from our day!  Be sure to ask your second grader what they know about fossils and if they want to be a paleontologist when they grow up!






IMG_1362  IMG_1358

Homework 04/24/17 – 04/28/17

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Here is our homework for this week:

Read Naturally – fill out reading log every day

4 math pages – Money

Spelling words:

1. took

2. books

3. foot

4. hoof

5. cook

6. nook

7. hood

8. wood

9. stood

10. shook

11. crook

12. cookbook

13. look

14. good

Earth Day Activities

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We have loved learning about Earth Day (April 22) and what we can do to make our Earth a more beautiful place.  We’ve read books, watched video clips on recycling, done research and written a report on the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), and today we did a fun art project.  Here are some pictures from our art project today.  Be sure to look for their Earth Day reports coming home tonight.  It’s a great conversation to have with your student. They should be able to share with you different ways they’ve learned to help our Earth.







Box Tops and Read-A-Thon Packet

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Tomorrow is our last day to turn in Box Tops and the money your child earned from the Read-A-Thon last Friday.  Please send any box tops that you have or money collected from the Read-A-Thon with your child tomorrow morning.  We’ve only had ONE student hand in their Read-A-Thon donations and are hoping that there are more!!

Thank you!